Researchers: Peter (third from the left), Ama (third from the right), Nene (second from the right), Angela (first on the right), Martin (in the middle). 

Peter Atupare Atudiwe

Senior Legal Researcher

Dr. Atupare Atudiwe is a full-time Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Ghana. He earned his PhD in Law from Queen’s University, Canada in 2011 and is a leading figure in Public Law in Ghana and Nigeria and has published widely on these two states. His areas of expertise include criminal law, private international law, human rights, and legal ethics.

Ama Asantewah Ahene-Codjoe

Senior Researcher in Economics

Ama has a PhD in Economics from The University of Nottingham and has previously worked with the Advisory service line at Ernst & Young (Ghana) as well as with the Economics Division at the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) at the University of Ghana. Her areas of expertise and specialisation include economic and statistical research with a focus on micro-econometrics; program management; and monitoring and evaluation.

Nene Lomotey Kuditchar

Senior Researcher in Political Economy

Dr. Kuditchar is a senior member in the Department of Political Science, University of Ghana.  In addition to this, he is a coopted instructor at the Legon Center for International Affairs and Diplomacy, the Center for Migration Studies and holds a position as a Research Associate of the Center for Asian Studies all at the University of Ghana. He is a member of the University of Ghana Mining Research Group [UG-Mining-RG], the Development Studies of Association [Africa] and a 2012/13 extractive industries research fellow of the DFID funded Evidence and Learning from Latin America [ELLA].

Angela Azumah Alu

Junior Researcher in Economics

Angela is a PhD candidate with the department of Finance at the University of Ghana Business School. She holds an MPhil in Finance from the former. Her primary research fields include Banking and Financial Markets.

Martin Kpebu

Junior Legal Researcher

Martin Kpebu is a senior legal practitioner specializing in aspects of civil and criminal litigation. He also has academic interests and taught Criminal Law at Central University, Ghana for about 4 years. Martin holds an LL.M in Oil and Gas Law, Qualifying Certificate in Law, LL.B, and a B.SC in Administration (Banking & Finance).