Work Package 2: Legal and Regulatory Analysis

Team: Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) – University of Bern; Institute of Statistical, Social, and Economic Research, (ISSER), Ghana; National Institute of Economic Research (NIER), Laos

Goals: This research will aim to address research question 2) What are the main incentives and legal/regulatory issues involved in trade-related IFFs? Researchers will engage with key stakeholders at global, regional and national levels to understand the impact of tax, investment and trade laws in preventing IFFs, identify potential gaps in international and national regulations, and propose innovative options to address these gaps.

Methods/data collection: Legal analysis of relevant ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ laws/regulations, related jurisdiction, arbitration cases. In particular, this research will adopt a multi-layered governance perspective towards law which takes into account the complex interactions between the different layers of governance.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. At the descriptive level, this research will produce a synthesis of context-specific domestic and international tax law, existing investment and trade regimes;
  2. At the analytical level, this research will produce an analysis of overall legal and policy coherence;
  3. At the transformative level, a set of legal and policy options will be elaborated;
  4. Academic publications

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